factory generator


A project I made in The Game Assembly was a Houdini-tool for Unity. My goal was to produce factorys quickly and dynamicly for design in game engine. Build a couple of houses in minutes!

This is how it look in game engine when changeing the parameters. All the walls and windows are instances and can easily be changed.

Here is a break down on the different parameters.

Scale width, depth and height parameters

pillar distance parameter. I also made a solution to fix the last distance so pillars dont get to close to each other in the end.

A roof system and middle pillar. Custom height Using the reliable pythagoras 🙂

Roof parameter to add extra edge on the sides

Percentage parameters wall and window per side.

Scattering system that avoid pillars and don’t overlap instance. Different parameters such as number instance, min and max height.

Im quite happy about the result. If I hade some more time I would make handles to drag in view port instead of draging in handles and parameters. Also develop a far more useful scattering system. Maby my next project!