At The Game Assembly, with the game project Robo Reboot we used building blocks to build houses similar to Lego. But! Thats a tedious task and therefor I made a tool for quick building house in seconds! The user where our Level Designers.


Block of instance prefabs. Deleting and combine is possible to be creative

Random rotate sides

Auto generated Dynamic Collision Box


The core concept is a grid where all the points are grouped. The instances node use the point group to populate the instances.

The Digitalasset

GridPattern-node. First makeing a grid box where all the points will be the tranform position to instance all the objects.

instance1-node. this is where all the instances are positioned. from object merge the instance get the different point-group with all the needed positions.

CollisionBound-node is a node to auto generate collision box in unity so Level Designers didnt need to place collision box manually.

Take aways:

The user was LevelDesigners and they encountered steps and senarios that I want to optimize in further Tools. I want to make a good workflow for assign prefabs in Unity. At the moment you drag and drop them. But I want the blocks adding automaticly.

I also want to make an automatic remove Houdini Asset from scene and leave instance prefabs for cleaner builds and less objects in scene.